Certain people just seem to look fit and lean all the time no matter what age they are or what time of year.

(I know obnoxious aren’t they)

But in reality, this doesn’t happen by accident.

Whether they are making conscious choices to do so or they have been doing things a certain way their entire life, I guarantee you they do these three things pretty regularly.

For today’s little fitness tidbit, I want to spell out the three habits I see all the time in people who manage to stay lean.

Here we go…

1) They are ‘mindful’ of food. I know mindfulness is a bit overused these days as a term, but – in reality – there is not a better expression for what these folks do.

They simply are aware of their food choices…never eating too much, making smarter selections on menus, and giving more than a passing thought to what to cook for dinner.

It sounds so simple.

2) They do not lead sedentary lives. It’s not like they go out of their way to prove to everyone how much they work out…but physical activity is just something that they have built into their world. …walking, hiking and generally moving more than the average person.

It’s simply a habit with them.

3) They take care of the little things: What exactly are these? The small things that most people put on the back burner…and then completely forget about.

Examples are drinking plenty of water, keeping stress to a minimum, and paying attention to their sleep hours…among many other habits.

So…it looks like the formula for being lean – at least through my observations – is relatively straightforward.

Of course, these people learned these habits somewhere. They weren’t born knowing the answers…

I realize, it’s all easier said than done, especially when your schedule looks like complete chaos.

But, I’m certain you can agree that there is nothing on the above list you can’t do. Nothing so far out of your grasp that there is NO WAY you can accomplish it.


That’s what I figured.

Just remember, start small. Don’t try to change the world overnight and soon these habits will be yours.

Committed to your health,

Drew deVry

P.S. All good habits start somewhere. In fact, we have built virtually all of these into our existing program. It’s kinda what we do every day.