Undo the weekend (48 hour recovery)

I played in my first beach volleyball tournament of the summer this last weekend. It was actually the first time I've even played volleyball this summer. In years past, I've put a lot of time into beach volleyball to stay on top of my game, so it's weird to have not even played yet.

I've been trying to get over a tear in my rotator cuff since January and it's still not better. But I decided I couldn't sit on the sidelines any longer. Even if I wasn't able to play at 100% of my ability, I would still get out there and give it my best.

​I was only able to hit the ball with about 60% of my normal swing but we still were able to win a few games in the tournament. We probably shouldn't have registered to play in the top division against the toughest competition but we did anyway. Ha ha!

This week is going to be a crazy one for me. My wife, Nicole, going on a girls' trip to Cabo San Lucas, so that leaves me playing Mr Mom for 6 days while she's relaxing next to the pool.

As you might assume, I'm not the type to sit at home and I've already got a full week's itinerary of adventure, work, and play for the boys and I. ;-)

This coming Sunday at the gym we're having a women's workshop to help develop emotional strength to coincide with the physical strength that is built in the gym. I'll be sending out an email tomorrow with full details about the event.

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Ohhhhh...and if you see my sister, Corrie, this week at the gym (she works at the Burien gym), don't forget to wish her a happy birthday and give her a high-5!

Freedom Fitness wouldn't be the great place that it is without her working there. Corrie's helpful and caring nature makes our gym better than any other you'll find.

Undo the Weekend (48 hour recovery)
What a weekend that was! You went out, you ate and drank and had a blast! And now the fun is over and the consequences are setting in…you feel terrible. You woke up with a headache, an overall feeling of bloating and a sluggishness that you can’t shake.

It’s time to undo the damage brought on from that epic weekend. Here’s how…

1. No More Junk! It may sound obvious, but the first step to recovering from all that fun you had is to stop the damage. No more naughty foods. No more alcohol.

When you are vacationing or partying it’s easy to remove your mindful eating and drinking mechanism, and to replace it with the anything-goes mindset. This makes sense for party-mode, but once you come back home and get back to real life it’s important to firmly put an end to the junk food and calorie-laden beverages. If you don’t then your weekend diet may continue into your week, resulting in tons of extra calories that quickly add up in unwanted pounds.

2. Flush Your System. For the next 48 hours your main mission is to drink as much water as possible.

All of those poor food and drink choices result in dehydration, which manifests in a pounding headache and a feeling of sluggishness. Plan to sip on water throughout the next two days, adding in fresh sliced fruit, cucumbers, mint or basil to add a refreshing and rewarding flavor.

3. Get Some Rest. End the party or vaycay Sunday afternoon so that you can get into bed early in preparation for the week ahead.

It may not sound super exciting to plan an early-to-bed night at the end of your weekend but, come Monday morning, you will be functioning much better with a little rest under your belt. Plan to get to bed early the next couple of days as well, and fit in a nap if possible.

4. Eat Cleansing Foods. You’ve stopped eating junk, now fill your diet with small light meals consisting of fiber and a serving of protein. Stick with only whole foods for the next 48 hours.

Fruits and fresh veggies should make up the bulk of your calories as you recover. Asparagus, leafy greens, citrus fruits, and raw veggies are all wonderful items to enjoy in addition to high quality, low fat protein.

5. Avoid Going Extreme. Yes, you ate and drank a LOT this weekend, but swinging the pendulum too far in the other direction isn’t actually going to help. Overcompensation is rarely a winning idea.

Fight the urge to skip meals or to over-exercise in response to your indulgences. Going from one extreme to the other creates a bad cycle that leaves you feeling even more tired. In addition, taking your body from feast to famine will actually make you more prone for fat storage.

Getting and staying in great shape will not only help you bounce back from the weekend faster, it will also help you achieve healthy habits that will stick with you even as you party and vacation.

My programs are designed with your overall lifestyle in mind and I’m here to get you (and keep you) in your best shape ever!

Consider Moderation, yes, even on weekends.

I’m not suggesting that you skip the next party or vacation, instead use these 3 Moderation Techniques to get all the fun without the regret or bloating…

1. Employ the 1:1 Water-to-Drink Ratio. In between every calorie-based drink that you enjoy, drink a full glass of water. This method slows down your liquid calorie and alcohol consumption, which means that you end up lighter, more hydrated, and less hung over.

2. Choose One Indulgence Per Meal. Instead of getting the burger, fries and milkshake choose one indulgence per party-vacation meal, keeping the bulk of your meal wholesome. Focus on enjoying that one indulgence to the fullest!

3. Secure the Perimeter. A party, a vacation, a cheat day. These are all wonderful concepts…when you keep it contained to a predetermined amount of time. Put a firm start and end time to your food and drink shenanigans and keep with the schedule to contain the caloric damage.

Roasted Za’atar Cauliflower

If you haven’t tried Za’atar, it’s worth picking up a bottle of the savory spice. It gives cauliflower a whole new flavor dimension. It’s also wonderful used to flavor meat for the BBQ.

Courtesy of 1 click (12.5% of total)

Servings: 4

Here’s what you need

1 head cauliflower, chopped into florets
2 Tablespoons olive oil
2 Tablespoons za'atar spice
½ teaspoon sea salt

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Lightly grease a rimmed baking sheet with olive oil.
Wash and chop the cauliflower into florets. Combine the florets, olive oil, za'atar and sea salt in a large bowl.
Spread the floret mixture over the prepared pan. Roast for 30 minutes until tender. Enjoy!
Nutritional Analysis

One serving equals: 122 calories, 7g fat, 13g carbohydrate, 101mg sodium, 3g sugar, 7g fiber, and 5g protein.